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Key step through Tracer-Based-Sorting

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Sort reliably

Tracer-Based-Sorting (TBS): Sorting better and sorting what could not be sorted before

There is no alternative to the change to a circular economy in order to preserve the climate and the environment and to be able to use resources more efficiently. However, if more and better quality recyclate is to be obtained from waste in a CO2-efficient manner, then the waste streams concerned must be better presorted. Today, for example, all packaging containing mainly PE ends up in the same presort, whether food, cosmetics, detergents, monolayer, multilayer or any other packaging class. With our TBS sorting technology, these mixtures can be efficiently, reliably and completely sorted according to relevant, definable specifications. This allows you to recover your materials even from heterogeneous material streams. Here, TBS-complete can be applied to virtually any article or flake sorting stream: e.g. packaging, automotive, white goods, textiles. TBS-complete enables a "BRANDING FOR CIRCULARITY": considerably more order, considerably more circular economy!

Detection of the tracer in the demonstrator

Article Sorting

Sort diverse objects specifically and reliably

Waste streams, e.g. packaging, often consist of a large number of items. They differ in shape, color and material, and are usually dirty, dusty, deformed and often completely chaotically mixed up. In order to convert them into high-quality recyclates again, it is essential to ensure that they are sorted specifically and reliably according to defined specifications. Here, our Tracer-Based-Sorting technology is the key to success! The fluorescence of the tracers can be measured precisely and reliably as a "sorting code" – unaffected by the position, deformation, degree of contamination or diversity of the objects.


Tracer detection in marked flakes of construction materials

Flake Sorting

Sort shredded objects precisely

With our tracers materials can be differentiated efficiently that could not be distinguished using conventional sorting methods – for example, sorting the same plastic with and without fiber content. Polysecure has developed the ideal solution for this: Our tracers are added as an additive in very low concentrations during the production of the fractions to be separated. At the end of use, shredded flakes can be passed through our Tracer-Based-Sorting system and the marked flakes can be detected and blown out in milliseconds. The precisely sorted fractions can then be further processed into high-quality recyclates.


Erkennung von Deckeln bei Inhouse-Recycling - in Kooperation mit: Georg MENSHEN GmbH & Co. KG


Gaining recyclable materials instead of waste

Closing material loops already starts in your own factory halls! Our Tracer-Based-Sorting technology allows heterogeneously mixed production waste streams to be sorted purely in order to feed them directly back into the respective manufacturing process. The resulting avoidance of waste does not only reduce production costs, but also makes a significant contribution to the conservation of resources, CO2 reduction and climate protection. This creates a direct win-win effect, both for the environment and for the wallet.


Precise, reliable, robust, efficient, compatible...

Sorting in new quality and efficiency


New standard technology for high-quality sorting

With TBS-complete, we are opening a new era of precision and efficiency in sorting of material streams. All objects are singulated, detected and sorted in only one-step and in a cost-efficient manner – comparable to letter sorting. As a result, the sorting process remains flexible and scalable, even with numerous fractions. At the heart of the system is a new combined detector that we are developing together with Carl Zeiss AG. It measures simultaneously tracer, NIR, color, AI (opt. further technologies) for each object and consequently works with all current and potential future detection technologies. Thus, TBS-complete is the first technology-open sorting process with a great future.


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